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Quickly find over-the-counter drugs and herbal medicines in our comprehensive live catalog of medications or hop on a live video call with a qualified physician! WhatMed is an all-inclusive Medical Reference App.

Live Database

Detailed info for each medication: indications & usage, dosage & administration, side effects, etc.


Join a video consultation or a one-on-one live chat with our qualified licensed physicians.

OTC Drugs & Herbals

Search for over-the-counter drugs and herbal medicines by its name and components.

Interaction Checker

The app automatically checks for drug interactions, overlapping side effects, and precautions.


Search for medicines by symptoms and check against the list of alternative medications.

Provider Directory

Quick access to health listings: doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare organizations, etc.


Get access to our premium features with a paid subscription! WhatMed app's telemedicine features powered by eVisit connect patients with doctors.


49.99 Consultation
    • Live Chat
    • Video Calls
    • Notifications

Another Drug Finder?

WhatMed is more than just a drug reference app for searching OTC medications. It brings together patients, doctors, and drug manufacturers to change how we address health issues.


Patients look up OTC drugs and herbals by name or symptoms, join a live medical consultation, and search through health listings.


Doctors provide consultations to patients via a live chat or video calls and get listed in the comprehensive app directory.

Drug Manufacturer

Manufacturers add drugs and herbals to the live catalog to make them available to patients. Send your request to support@whatmeds.org.

Web App

WhatMed is also available as a full-featured online application working in your browser with the same features that you will find in the WhatMed mobile app.


Add medicines, doctors, and directory listings to favorites

Social sharing

Share found listings with friends via messengers and social networks


Get notifications about new chat messages and special offers


Join one-on-one video consultations with a personal licensed physician

Interaction Check

Run drug interaction checks on your favorite drugs and herbals

Provider Directory

Find nearby health-related listings: doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

Watch Video Explainer

Download WhatMed Today

WhatMed medicine app is available for iOS and Android. You may also access all app features via the online WhatMed web application. Your data will securely sync across the web and mobile apps.

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